Travis Ritter

Travis is a CPT through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). He also has his Corrective Exercise Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He’s pursuing a neurological intervention certification from SQUARE-1, and is also studying to be Precision Nutrition (PN-1) certified via nutrition.

Travis has an extensive history in competitive powerlifting and strength training. He’s coached people from elementary school to D3 collegiate level. One of his key focuses is has been helping with limiting the risk of ACL injuries, particularly in female athletes. Being it’s the 2nd most common injury, he’s studied and trained athletes extensively to help reduce the risk as much as possible.

Travis grew up grossly skinny, and because of this, made a lot of mistakes. He never knew who to trust when it came to information on how to gain healthy weight, and in the end, lived off of cheap protein powder, pre-workout, and consistently had injuries. Once he found a routine that could be scaled to anyone, he adopted that and ran with it.

Travis has never stopped learning through his roughly 10 years of coaching, and doesn’t plan to slow down. With the help of his team, he aims to give people the best approach of lifestyle changes in the form of heath and wellness based on their individual goals, needs, and modifications.

Leanne Levenduski

Leanne is an AT, CSCS, and has extensive knowledge in diets that are celiac friendly, and little to no dairy.

With her background in Athletic Training and working in the Strength Coach realm, she’s adamant about student athletes focusing on and perfecting technique and keeping them healthy for competition.

She is an avid Crossfit junky, and loves breaking a sweat during a Hero WOD. It doesn’t take much for her to make people double take with her form during some Olympic lifts, especially if she goes for a Clean and Jerk PR.

Fueling those workouts has been a unique process. While battling dairy-free and little / no gluten, Leanne has gotten creative with her meals. She’s continuously creating simple and delicious recipes to help YOU if you are gluten sensitive or celiac. They’re quite tasty, too.

If you’re a female who’s thinking about starting strength training, it’s worth it to reach out to her with questions. She can help ease your mind about any concern you may have. She’s located in the Greater Cleveland area, and is open to in person and online coaching as well.

In the meantime, try out some of her recipes. They’ll be uploaded regularly on our OnlyPan’s page.