What is Stay Functional Fitness?

I started Stay Functional Fitness with one goal in mind : help people improve their quality of life. In today’s world, the fitness industry has exploded with dozens of products and “quick-fix” workout plans that do just that, help you get results quickly. This often comes from crash dieting or a lifestyle flip. They don’t help you with sustainability over the long haul. In consequence, many people see rapid results for the first couple weeks, but usually revert to their old ways (and sometimes in a worse spot than before). 

The information you get here might not be the fluffy and sexy info you see on other fitness sites, but one promise I’ll make to you is that it will not steer you in the wrong direction. Sure before and after pictures of weight loss are fantastic and a great way to motivate yourself and others, but how you move, feel, and function mean more than the number on the scale. That last parts just a plus.


1st Phorm | Supplements and Apparel

1st Phorm is a company based out of St. Louis, MO. We’ve been working with 1st Phorm for a number of years. They have been a great company to us and our customer base since day one.

They offer a wide variety of supplements for all fitness goals. Paired with a great diet and exercise routine, you can get results you want in a progressive, healthy way.

Message us if you’re interested in products, apparel, or exercise gear. We’d be happy to help you find what’s right. Use the URL below to receive FREE SHIPPING.


Tyrone Fitness Club

I met the owners of Tyrone Fitness Club about 2 years ago and soon realized they had the same outlook as I did. After they expressed the same frustration toward the fitness industry, we both decided to try and make a change. That’s why we teamed up with one goal in mind : help YOU over the long haul.

In the end, we want to get the point across that we’re everyday people, just like you. While we enjoy the 1-2 hour workouts, we also enjoy grilling a couple burgers, sharing a couple beers with our friends and family, and laughing around a dinner table or fire pit.

We cannot emphasize this enough : we’re not fans of cookie cutter workouts. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Trainerize to give you custom workouts based on YOUR needs.

Everything is customizable from mobility work, strength training, core, and cardio. This is all at the convenience from your iPhone or Droid once you download the app (free of charge, by the way). Simply hit “Start Workout” and let the workout that our team put together for you specifically guide you through.