This weekend is one that will always mean something special to us at SF.

With as many veterans, active duty, and reservists that we’re in contact with daily, it’s a weekend that we hold close to us as a yearly reminder of why we have the freedoms and the privileges that we do.

Now if you’re like most, you have a long weekend, and made plans for a backyard BBQ, lake trip, or similar (which is awesome by the way). Just do us a favor, and while you’re basking in the moments, cold beer in hand, watching your family enjoy themselves, don’t forget about the reason why this holiday exists.

If you’re looking to get some movement in before the beer flows and the burgers sizzle, there’s an iconic workout that has made it’s way nationally. All my fitness junkies are nodding (and some trembling) at the thought of it : MURPH.

In a nutshell, “MURPH” was named after the late Mike Murphy, a Navy SEAL who was killed in action. You can look up his bravery and credentials on the movie, “Lone Survivor” as he’s portrayed by Taylor Kitsch. The book is much more in depth, but you get the point from the movie.

So if you’re feeling motivated to take on the behemoth workload that is MURPH, it’s below. Like everything else in life, it’s scalable, but it’s going to be a challenge either way.