Breakfast, one of my personal favorite meals of the day. It can be a damper if you have a dairy or gluten issue, though.

Fortunately, we have the pleasure of adding someone to our team that has superb knowledge in how to fuel herself for CrossFit workouts, her job as a Strength Coach, Athletic Trainer, and a Cast Tech. She’s truly a Jane of all trades. Please welcome, Leanne Levenduski.

Leanne has an extensive cook book for people with celiacs, dairy issues, and everything in between, all while keeping foods fuel you and make you enjoy them. These Banana Oat Pancakes are definitely one of them.

What you’ll need :

2 bananas

2 eggs

½ cup rolled oats 

½ teaspoon baking powder 

Pinch of salt

Almond Butter (optional)

What you’ll do:

  1. In a bowl, combine all ingredients (smooth batter may be placed in blender)
  2. Allow proper combining time for all ingredients until the mixture is as smooth as desired. Allow batter to stand for 10-15 min until thickened slightly 
  3. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat
  4. Allow batter to cook until golden brown on both sides

Drizzle some almond butter overtop along with your favorite fruit, and wham, bam, thank ya ma’am.

Macros (scalable):

Calories : 707

Protein : 28

Carbs : 86

Fats : 29 (if you’re using 2 tbsp almond butter as a topping)