Jordan Syatt is a well known personal trainer from New York. He is well known for his witty and attention getting videos regarding his personal take on detox teas, waist trainers, and shake weights for weight loss. I’ll give you the short version, “Nahh.”

Despite the several (hilarious) videos of long blond wigs, yoga pants, and his alias Johnny Bag O’ Donuts, he’s a pretty smart guy. While never personally meeting him, the advice he gives for getting healthier is incredibly simple and, in that case, sustainable. One of these pieces of advice is his 1, 2, 3 Model.

The 1, 2, 3


Much like your author, Jordan is a stickler for simplicity and longevity. Crash diets, 12 week fixes, and laxative shakes aren’t his go to’s. Instead, he’s compiled the following 3 tasks to help you get started, and sustain your results.

Eat 1 Big Ass Salad daily.

Put a bunch of veggies in a salad bowl (or punch bowl if you’re really hungry). Load it only with vegetables you LIKE eating. Don’t force feed yourself what you don’t like. Put your favorite dressing on it, chow down.

It’s also worth noting, you can put other toppings in it as well. Chicken, feta cheese, croutons, etc. There is no incorrect ingredient for this.

Eat 2 Fruits Daily

Similar to the Big Ass salad, grab your favorite fruit(s) throughout the day. You can eat the same one twice if you want, and eat it however you’d like. Chop it up and put it your salad, dip it in Greek yogurt, or hell eat it raw. DO what makes you happy.

Drink 3 bottles of water daily

Water. One of the more popular topics. Simplified, grab 3 identical bottles, regardless of their size, and drink them throughout your day.

If you’re not a stickler for bottled water, buy yourself a Nalgean or a Hydroflask to refill and machine wash. Make the required moves so you’re compliant and not looking at it like a chore.

Final Thoughts

Most people start the New Year off strong then taper down about 2-3 weeks later. Instead of turning your daily routine on it’s head, add these 3 small yet sustainable changes. You’ll see several changes over time.