Ahh, the end of the year is upon us as we collectively run to the grocery story to grab that bird, potatoes, and any other assorted sides you know and love. Personally, this is my favorite time of year. One day devoted solely to eating your body weight in food then slowly slipping into a coma while you watch football. Name a more American time….I’ll wait.

For others, this might be a time of anxiety and cold sweats (not Covid). You’ve been on a fitness journey for the past couple months, and you’ve made incredible progress. You, your spouse, and your family can all see it from past pictures, but dammit that second plate of food is already haunting your dreams as you see your results vanish within a day. If this sounds like you, take some of the tips below.

Enjoy It

It sounds lazy, but it’s true. Simply enjoy your meal. You’ve worked your ass off for the past couple of months, take a minute to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, be thankful for those around you, and enjoy a huge meal guilt free. Get back on track the next meal.

Portion Control

If you’d rather not splurge, which we totally respect, keep up with your portion control. Recall from our past post, a palm of protein, fist of carbs, and a thumb of oil, but stack those vegetables up high.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Aside from being necessary for life, keeping the water flowing can help with appetite. Obviously we encourage a steady flow daily for basic function, but there’s a life hack we’ve acquired here that has helped us cut weight while still performing.

Drinking water can help curve your appetite. The more you drink, the more space it takes in your belly. By doing so, you eat less, and with a big salty meal like thanksgiving, it’ll help with digestion.

Exercise Beforehand / Afterwards

Depending when you eat, try to squeeze in a 30-45 minute light workout before you sit down. It doesn’t have to be intense, 30 minutes on a piece of cardio equipment, weights, or even a walk outside can bode well for you.

Afterwards, go for a 10-15 minute walk outdoors if you’re able to. It helps with digestion and absorption of the meal. If you want to learn more about 10 minute walks, check out Stan Efferding on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Remember, this is one meal out of the year. If you are consistent with eating well, this won’t deter you. It’s like we always say, one workout won’t get you in shape just like one bad meal won’t get you out of shape. Enjoy time with your family, indulge if you chose, but be grateful you have the opportunity to do so.