Your kids are your world, seeing them play on the field, court, or in the pool brings you so much joy. Why not invest in their health at a young age?

What Can my spouse and I expect from this?

Your child will go through the same movement screening as everyone else. That said, I highly encourage at least one parent to tag along for it. I’ll break down the findings as we go so you know what I’m looking for and the importance of it. I’ll also put them through a battery of movement drills to see how their body responds. These drills will test coordination, proprioception, and reactions (both time and efficiency).

Depending on the time of year, in / off season, the workouts will be tailored to their needs for both corrective measures and for their specific sport.

Some expectations aren’t physical

It’s not unlikely for me to give your kids a homework assignment before our next session. Not anything arithmetic, unless you tell me they need to focus more on school work, but to do a good deed. Depending on your kid’s age, it can be as benign as remembering to hold the door open for others or helping the elderly lady push her shopping cart back. It can also involve helping a classmate who they know is struggling with a subject.

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