What can I expect from this?

Your health and time are both valuable. We want you to spend as much time with your family as you can without us interfering or stressing your bank account. We’ll take all the guesswork out and do the thinking for you. We’ll provide a customized exercise program for you with a 24/7 gym so regardless of your busy schedule, you always have access to the equipment you need.

What all is included?

You will NEVER receive a cookie-cutter workout. Ever. Every workout you receive will be tailored to your individual needs based on a fitness and movement screening. This can be done either in person (preferred) or via video chat.

What is a Movement Screening?

The movement screening is a static and dynamic total body overview. This is done to look at muscle imbalances, movement deficiencies, and postural needs. Because everyone’s different, it’s strongly encouraged to perform one if you’d like to pursue training.

What’s the Cost Look like (revised)?

As we mentioned before, we want you to have a great experience without spending an arm and a leg. That said, as a thank you, we’re combining the cost of your movement screening and first session to a total of $40. In other words, you’re saving $40 between the two.

Price Breakdown
Duration Price Type of Session
1 Hour $40 Private
1 Hour $30/ person Semi – private, 2-1
1 Hour $25/ person Semi – private, 3-1
1 Hour $20 / person Group, 4+
Team rates coming soon


Who doesn’t love a discount right off the bat? Thanks to Tyrone Fitness Club allowing us to work together, effective 2021, if you work with a trainer first and then sign up for a membership, your workouts will be discounted $5. And just to be clear, that not just that one time discount, that’s indefinite.

Also, as a thank you, all veterans, first responders, fire / police, and current active duty will receive $5 off their hourly sessions in addition to the above discount.

Private sessions

Private sessions are exactly how they sound. It’s me and you. In private sessions, we will take the info from your movement screening and goals list and create a custom workout. I’ll walk you through the movements, get feedback, and make adjustments accordingly.

Group Sessions

They say 3 is a crowd, well, 4 is a group. In this case, you and a couple friends, family members, or teammates can get together for an hour to blow off some steam, catch up, and work on your health at the same time. Let me do the thinking for you.

In Home Sessions

If you’re a bit of a germophobe, live a bit too far, or maybe just a homebody by nature, we respect and understand that. Let us come to you. We can give you the workout you need in the privacy of your own home. This is especially great for people who have trouble getting around their house on a day to day basis. We can help improve your balance, strength, and confidence for every day living.

Prices look a little different for in home. See chart below.

Duration Price Session Type
1 Hour $50 Private, 1-1
1 Hour $40 / person Semi private, 2-1
1 Hour $30 / person Group, ~3 to 5 -1
Prices effective 11/2020

Virtual Sessions

Rolling with the punches of 2020, one thing we’re grateful for is the opportunities to serve you. Thanks to every video call platform, we can make anything work.

Whether you have FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Facebook video call, etc, we can help you get your goals achieved. Prices are now the same as in gym sessions (see above)


To try and make things as affordable as possible for you, we’re wanting to throw one last way to save a couple bucks. If you pay for the entire month in advance, your last week is on the house.

If you have questions about you or a friend investing in personal trainer, please contact Travis below. Ask any and all questions you may have. Thanks!